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The Wedding Guide - Table of Contents
The Wedding Guide

Table of Contents

  1. The Engagement
      The Engagement Ring, The Engagement Party, Newspaper Announcements, How Long is Long Enough?
  2. Planning The Wedding
      Getting Started, Choosing a Style, Setting a Budget, Tips on Choosing a Site, Bridal Consultants, Setting the Date and Time, Catering / Selecting a Menu, Making it Legal
  3. Wedding Clothes
      The Bride and the Bridesmaids, The Groom and the Ushers, Accessories
  4. Wedding Basics
      Flowers, Music, Photography/Videography, Favors, Transportation
  5. The Complete Wedding Stationery Guide
      Planning Your Invitation, Wording Your Invitation, The Reception Card, Assembling Your Invitations, Addressing Your Envelopes, Finally! The Mailing!, The Thoughtful and the Tasteful
  6. The Wedding Ceremony
      Religious Customs, Civil and Military, Second Marriages, Alternatives, The Wedding Party
  7. The Reception
      Theme Receptions, Receiving Lines, Guests/Seating, Reception Rituals, Wedding Toasts, Dances
  8. The Gifts
      Registering, Gifts for Newlyweds, Wedding Party Gifts

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