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Gift registry is a free service provided by most department, jewelry, and specialty stores. The bride and groom go to the stores together and pick out items they need or want. The stores keep lists of the items. When friends and family go to these stores to shop, they can give the couple's names and the salesperson will show them the registry. It's a very convenient way for guests to confidently buy gifts. It also helps cut down on duplicate gifts. People often register at a department store that will keep a record at each chain in different cities around the country. On their registry couples usually include formal china, silverware, linens, cookware, appliances, electronics, and anything else they will need for the home. Often guests will chip in for big-ticket items such as VCR's, so don't be afraid to include a few of these items on the list. One thing to keep in mind is making sure that you don't get mixed up with another couple on the registry. You can avoid this by including both the bride's and groom's names and the date of the wedding on your registry.

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Gifts for Newlyweds

Here are some items commonly given to the bride and groom:

Formal dinnerware (china); Formal silverware; Casual dinnerware (serving platters, bowls, and plates); Casual flatware; glassware; barware; gifts and decorative items; cutlery; small and large kitchen appliances; small and large electronics (from alarm clocks to stereos and VCR's); bakeware and cookware; luggage; kitchen, bed and bath linens.

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Wedding Party Gifts

It's good to show your thanks for all the work, stress, and expense endured by the people in your wedding party with little gifts. Following are some suggestions of gifts for the wedding party. You can give each person in the same position the same gift, or you can change the color or style of each person's gift. Some people give completely different gifts to each person.

Jewelry, stationery, monogrammed handkerchiefs, perfume, jewelry box, gift certificate, journal or datebook, silk scarf. You can give the bridesmaids something they can wear during the wedding; it's not necessary, however.

Money clip or billfold, silk tie, datebook, cologne, shaving kit, gift certificate.

The parents of the bride and groom certainly deserve gifts, since they made the whole wedding possible. To show them your thanks you could provide them with a special wedding photo, a gift certificate to dinner or a favorite store, or send them away to a resort for a weekend.

Don't forget to get gifts for any children who take part in the ceremony. You can never go wrong with toys, but ask their parents for recommendations.

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